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Update: Proposed Amendments Aimed at Speeding Things Up

As I set out briefly in this earlier post, on April 26th the Government announced amendments to the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations which will allow for faster approval of new food additives and substantiated health claims.

At the time, I promised a more fulsome blog providing the details of the amendments; here it is.

The proposed amendments (presented in Bill C-38, amazingly titled “an Act to Implement Certain Provisions of the Budget Tabled in Parliament on March 29, 2012 and Other Measures – say that 5 times fast!) really break down to two things:  Marketing Authorizations (“MAs”) and Incorporation by Reference (“IbR”).  According to Health Canada, these tools will reduce delays, cut red tape and make the food regulatory system more efficient and flexible.  Hallelujah!! Continue reading

POM Wonderful? Looks like the FTC doesn’t think so…


Earlier this week, recipe a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Administrative Law Judge upheld a FTC complaint against the makers of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice and POMx supplements.  The FTC complaint was made back in September of 2010 as part of the agency’s “ongoing efforts to uncover over-hyped health claims in food advertising”. Continue reading

Crazy for Coffee

After popcorn (oh ok fine and chocolate too), coffee is my ultimate food obsession.  I LOVE COFFEE.  I love it so much that I often thinking longingly of my first cup of the day as I’m trying to fall asleep at night – seriously, I love coffee that much.  I’ve been known to moan “sweet nectar of the gods” with my first sip.

Imagine how ecstatic I was to learn about the latest research showing that coffee drinkers … wait for it… are more likely to live a little longer!  And to make things even better, it doesn’t seem to matter if you drink regular or decaf (which means I’m still getting ‘credit’ for those years I had to cut out caffeine in favour of baby making). Continue reading