Monthly Archives: June 2012

So, What does a Food Lawyer do Anyway?


I recently met with a newly-called lawyer who wanted to ask me about practicing “food law.”

“So, tell me:  what do you do as a food lawyer,” she asked over Starbucks.

She was really motivated and smart, and our conversation got me all re-buzzed about the practice.  I figure I’d try to capture some of my excitement and my super-positive-about-my-career frame of mind into a blog.  Here it is – here’s a little bit about what gets me up and out of the house in the morning (after my first cup of coffee, of course). Continue reading

The Udder Truth? What I Learned About Raw Milk


On June 4th, I participated in a fascinating webinar organized by my friends at Sustain Ontario regarding the risks and benefits of unpasteurized milk.  Here’s a link to the webinar. Continue reading

CFIA Standardization of Food Safety Practices

The CFIA just announced plans to standardize its inspection practices to keep up with the changing food safety landscape.   These plans are pursuant to the Government of Canada’s $100 million commitment to modernize the CFIA’s food inspection system.  According to a Draft Paper, what is ed one element of that modernization effort is the development of a single CFIA-wide food inspection program. Continue reading