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Safe Food for Canadians Act Adopted by Senate

Quick update:  earlier this week the Safe Food for Canadians Act was adopted by the Senate.  According to this article, pill  Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Senator Donald Plett highlighted the Act and the importance of passing it expeditiously so the CFIA has more tools and resources to help keep Canadian food safe. Continue reading

Food and Canada’s Trade Negotiations – Part 2

Here’s my latest posting from Huffington Post (part 2 of my two-part series on how the negotiation of trade agreements could impact the Canadian food industry and Canadian consumers):

Why Kraft Parmesan Could Soon Be a Collector’s Item

The average Canadian likely knows more about the “Caramilk secret” than it does about the issues currently on the table in two major trade negotiations that could significantly impact the Canadian food industry.  Clues about the status of the talks and the issues on the table have largely come only through leaked information and speculation. Continue reading

Update on Meat-Related Innovation

Following yesterday’s post, I came across this article in today’s Globe and Mail.  The article talks about a vaccine for cattle that would reduce the risk of E. coli to consumers that has been developed by a Canadian company, Bioniche Life Sciences Inc.

Bioniche has a food safety division, which (according to its website) “is responsible for researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing veterinary biopharmaceutical products to address diseases in livestock which may have an effect on human health”.  Now that’s what I’m talking about – Bravo! Continue reading

Calling all Innovators: The Meat Industry NEEDS You!

Following the latest beef recall, sick the CFIA announced that it plans to revamp how companies analyze data in an attempt to improve the Canadian food safety system.

According to Dr. Richard Arsenault, viagra dosage director of the meat programs division at the CFIA: Continue reading