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Best Read Before Dinner

Dear Readers:  I am DELIGHTED to introduce for the Law of Food’s first ever guest blogger:  Patrick Dyke!   Patrick is an articling student at Gilbert’s LLP and is a true regulatory geek at heart, which is why I know you’ll love reading his blogs!  Enjoy.

We’ve all been there.  Staring at an item in the refrigerator, trying to remember when we bought it.  It has been hiding in the back of the fridge for a while, and we’re wondering…is it still good?

If you’re like me you probably rely on any number of tests before making a decision: Smell test? Check.  Does it look “off”? Nope.  But what about that pesky best before date? Continue reading

What I Learned about the Business of Food Safety

As many of you readers know, earlier this month I attended the FDLIs Food Week (my blog on the conference is here).  During the conference, I was honoured to moderate the panel on the Business of Food Safety. Continue reading

Getting My Regulatory Geek On – What I Learned at Food Week

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the  FDLI’s Food Week 2013.  I attended two days of the four day conference – the Food Advertising, Labelling and Nutrition day (on Wednesday) and the Food Safety day (on Thursday).  I learned a lot, and met some interesting people with great regulatory practices. Continue reading

The Government’s Policing of Food Advertisements and Labels – the US and Canada

Happy Tuesday!  Thought you might be interested in an article containing some of my thoughts on the Federal Trade Commission’s  policing of food advertising (i.e. POM Wonderful case) and what’s happening in Canada -

In case you don’t feel like clicking away from this site, here’s the text of the article. Enjoy!

Competitive industry may place pressure on bureau Continue reading