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Transparency in Labelling – The Great GMO Debate!

We at the foodlawyer are thrilled to be participating in next weeks 4th annual Food Regulatory & Quality Assurance Summit.  In addition to being really excited to learn from leaders in industry, we’re excited about our own presentation.

We’re going to look at the increasing pressures around transparency in food labelling, using GMOs as an example.

In a nutshell, the debate about GMO labelling pits those in favour of transparency and informed decision making against those who argue that the science doesn’t support a difference between GMO and non-GMO foods, and that the increased costs of transparency will cripple industry. Continue reading

Food Safety, Food Safety, Food Safety

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and images of turkey, stuffing, and all the other fixings abound.  Unfortunately, a recent news story has reminded us at thefoodlawyer of a sad event in food safety that happened around this time last year.

Many will remember the major beef recall that happened last year after several people fell sick, allegedly due to contaminated beef products processed at the XL Foods facility in Alberta.  Yesterday, an Alberta judge opened the way for a class action lawsuit to be brought against XL Foods on behalf of those people.  The Toronto Star reports on this here. Continue reading

Hello readers!  As you may know, we are BIG fans of the Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology.  The Institute’s Fall Technical Program is coming up and we thought at least some of you might be interested in attending.

You’ll see a live demonstration of molecular cuisine, presented by Chef John Placko.  The demonstration will explain techniques such as spherification, carbonation, foams and snows, sous-vide cooking, aeration, compression, etc.  John will also demonstrate equipment such as aromatizer, liquid nitrogen, smoking gun, Bellini, chamber vacuum sealer, whipping siphon and more.  After the demonstration a selection of menu items that were demonstrated will be available to sample – mmmmmm! Continue reading

Upcoming Food Regulatory Summit

Hello readers!  Thought you might be interested in this upcoming Food Regulatory and Quality Assurance Summit, sildenafil unhealthy taking place in October.  We’ll be there (and will be speaking on day 2 of the Summit on the topic of GMOs) and would love to see you there too!

See the below press release for more information and (of course!) feel free to reach out with any questions. Continue reading

FSMA, FSMA, FSMA – New Proposed Rules

Over the summer, pharmacy the FDA issued two much-anticipated proposed rules under FSMA: the Proposed Rule for Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVPs) and the Proposed Rule regarding Accreditation of Third Party Auditors.

Remember that FSMA is focused on preventing food safety issues.  These two new proposed rules target imported food.  They require that foods imported to the U.S. meet the same safety standards as food produced domestically. They are part of the FDA’s overall “preventive framework”, sales which includes standards for produce safety [Proposed Rule here], information pills rules regarding preventive controls for human food [Propose Rule here] and requirements for industry around verification that the FDA’s safety standards are met (to which these new proposed rules apply). Continue reading