Monthly Archives: March 2014

Increased Transparency – The Future of Ontario Menus?

A new Bill introduced in Ontario could change the face of restaurant menus and menu boards.  If passed, case the Making Healthier Choices Act (love that title!) will require food service premises to display the number of calories of every standard food item sold on the premises.

The proposed legislation will apply to “regulated food service premises”, cheap defined as premises that sell meals for immediate consumption, diagnosis and that belong to a chain with 20 or more Ontario locations.  This includes restaurants, fast-food establishments, convenience stores and grocery stores with 20 or more locations in Ontario. Continue reading

Lessons from the Food Safety Summit: The Importance of Culture, Accountability and Teamwork

Last week, try I attended the 10th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety.  It was a two-day conference that brought together government and industry to talk about the latest goings-on in the world of food safety.

In a word, prescription it was great. Continue reading