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Lessons from the Food Safety Summit: The Importance of Culture, Accountability and Teamwork

Last week, try I attended the 10th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety.  It was a two-day conference that brought together government and industry to talk about the latest goings-on in the world of food safety.

In a word, prescription it was great. Continue reading

Quick Hitter: The 2014 Federal Budget Reiterates the Importance of a Strong Food Safety System

Earlier this week, ambulance the Canadian federal budget was announced.  In it, tadalafil the Government reiterates the importance of further strengthening Canada’s food safety system:  Continue reading

Reposting – Fun Facts from the Food and Drug Regulations (because there can never be too much fun, right!?!)

Despite the fact that this post will probably land me in the category of ‘huge regulatory geek’, try I’m re-posting it anyway.  Below is a collection of interesting, dosage fun facts from the Regs (at least they’re interesting and fun to me – I know, geek, right!).   I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

CFIA wants to hear from you!


Remember when we announced with great enthusiasm recent action in the Canadian food safety world?

Things are continuing to move forward, physician with the CFIA now soliciting comments on the the new regulations to be made under the Safe Food for Canadians Act.   As announced by the CFIA:   Continue reading

Action – Did Someone Say Action!?!

People, order we have action in the Canadian food safety world!

Last week the government announced that it is “taking action” to further strengthen the Canadian food safety system.  According to this announcement, the Safe Food for Canadians Act which was passed in November of last year will come into force at the beginning of 2015.  Over the next two years, the CFIA will work with consumer groups and industry to develop the regulations that are needed to support the Act. Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Government’s Role in the Fight Against Obesity

Hello readers!  Here’s a post I wrote for Huffington (link to posting here) that I thought you might find interesting

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Getting My Regulatory Geek On – What I Learned at Food Week

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the  FDLI’s Food Week 2013.  I attended two days of the four day conference – the Food Advertising, Labelling and Nutrition day (on Wednesday) and the Food Safety day (on Thursday).  I learned a lot, and met some interesting people with great regulatory practices. Continue reading

The Government’s Policing of Food Advertisements and Labels – the US and Canada

Happy Tuesday!  Thought you might be interested in an article containing some of my thoughts on the Federal Trade Commission’s  policing of food advertising (i.e. POM Wonderful case) and what’s happening in Canada -

In case you don’t feel like clicking away from this site, here’s the text of the article. Enjoy!

Competitive industry may place pressure on bureau Continue reading

Safe Food for Canadians Act Passes!

On Tuesday night, viagra the Safe Food for Canadians Act passed through the House by a unanimous vote.  Hooray!  Next steps:  royal assent and the bill will become law.  Then the fun begins as the Government consults with industry officials to get Regulations in place to implement the Act.

Safe Food for Canadians Act Passes Through Standing Committee

Another quickie update on the status of the Safe Food for Canadians Act:  earlier this week the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food completed its review of the Bill.

During that stage of the legislative process, members of the Committee examined the fine points of the draft legislation, listened to  witnesses give their opinions on the bill (I should definitely blog about that process sometime soon – I’ve read some of the debates and lets just say they were HEATED!), and then considered it clause-by-clause study based on the testimony. Continue reading