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Lessons from the Food Safety Summit: The Importance of Culture, Accountability and Teamwork

Last week, try I attended the 10th Annual North American Summit on Food Safety.  It was a two-day conference that brought together government and industry to talk about the latest goings-on in the world of food safety.

In a word, prescription it was great. Continue reading

Quick Hitter: The 2014 Federal Budget Reiterates the Importance of a Strong Food Safety System

Earlier this week, ambulance the Canadian federal budget was announced.  In it, tadalafil the Government reiterates the importance of further strengthening Canada’s food safety system:  Continue reading

Food Safety, Food Safety, Food Safety

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and images of turkey, stuffing, and all the other fixings abound.  Unfortunately, a recent news story has reminded us at thefoodlawyer of a sad event in food safety that happened around this time last year.

Many will remember the major beef recall that happened last year after several people fell sick, allegedly due to contaminated beef products processed at the XL Foods facility in Alberta.  Yesterday, an Alberta judge opened the way for a class action lawsuit to be brought against XL Foods on behalf of those people.  The Toronto Star reports on this here. Continue reading

FSMA, FSMA, FSMA – New Proposed Rules

Over the summer, pharmacy the FDA issued two much-anticipated proposed rules under FSMA: the Proposed Rule for Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVPs) and the Proposed Rule regarding Accreditation of Third Party Auditors.

Remember that FSMA is focused on preventing food safety issues.  These two new proposed rules target imported food.  They require that foods imported to the U.S. meet the same safety standards as food produced domestically. They are part of the FDA’s overall “preventive framework”, sales which includes standards for produce safety [Proposed Rule here], information pills rules regarding preventive controls for human food [Propose Rule here] and requirements for industry around verification that the FDA’s safety standards are met (to which these new proposed rules apply). Continue reading

Action – Did Someone Say Action!?!

People, order we have action in the Canadian food safety world!

Last week the government announced that it is “taking action” to further strengthen the Canadian food safety system.  According to this announcement, the Safe Food for Canadians Act which was passed in November of last year will come into force at the beginning of 2015.  Over the next two years, the CFIA will work with consumer groups and industry to develop the regulations that are needed to support the Act. Continue reading

Innovation and Food Safety – as Good Together as Peanut Butter and Chocolate

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting with John Russell, about it a representative for an innovative company, this web AquaLab. John talked to us at thefoodlawyer about some really interesting technology the company has developed for use in (among others) the food space.

Chatting with John served as an important reminder:  We tend to think about food in the context of the people who make it (farmers, producers, etc.), people who sell it (supermarkets, restaurants, etc.) and people who regulate it (Health Canada).  When it comes to innovation in the food industry (a favourite of ours!), it’s often companies outside the traditional food space that really move the needle. Continue reading

Best Read Before Dinner

Dear Readers:  I am DELIGHTED to introduce for the Law of Food’s first ever guest blogger:  Patrick Dyke!   Patrick is an articling student at Gilbert’s LLP and is a true regulatory geek at heart, which is why I know you’ll love reading his blogs!  Enjoy.

We’ve all been there.  Staring at an item in the refrigerator, trying to remember when we bought it.  It has been hiding in the back of the fridge for a while, and we’re wondering…is it still good?

If you’re like me you probably rely on any number of tests before making a decision: Smell test? Check.  Does it look “off”? Nope.  But what about that pesky best before date? Continue reading

What I Learned about the Business of Food Safety

As many of you readers know, earlier this month I attended the FDLIs Food Week (my blog on the conference is here).  During the conference, I was honoured to moderate the panel on the Business of Food Safety. Continue reading

Getting My Regulatory Geek On – What I Learned at Food Week

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the  FDLI’s Food Week 2013.  I attended two days of the four day conference – the Food Advertising, Labelling and Nutrition day (on Wednesday) and the Food Safety day (on Thursday).  I learned a lot, and met some interesting people with great regulatory practices. Continue reading

Assessing the Impact of the Proposed (FSMA) Rules

Check it – I (along with some other super smart people) was interviewed for, and quoted in, this fantastic article which appeared in today’s edition of International Trade Today by Broker Power  -  The article looks at the impact of the two Proposed Rules (under FSMA) on importing and exporting facilities.

New FDA Food Safety Rules Could Close Doors for Small Businesses and Developing Countries (Reprinted with permission of Warren Communications News) Continue reading