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Increased Transparency – The Future of Ontario Menus?

A new Bill introduced in Ontario could change the face of restaurant menus and menu boards.  If passed, case the Making Healthier Choices Act (love that title!) will require food service premises to display the number of calories of every standard food item sold on the premises.

The proposed legislation will apply to “regulated food service premises”, cheap defined as premises that sell meals for immediate consumption, diagnosis and that belong to a chain with 20 or more Ontario locations.  This includes restaurants, fast-food establishments, convenience stores and grocery stores with 20 or more locations in Ontario. Continue reading

My Thoughts on the Government’s Role in the Fight Against Obesity

Hello readers!  Here’s a post I wrote for Huffington (link to posting here) that I thought you might find interesting

The Huffington PostCanada Continue reading

Safe Food for Canadians Act Passes Through Standing Committee

Another quickie update on the status of the Safe Food for Canadians Act:  earlier this week the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food completed its review of the Bill.

During that stage of the legislative process, members of the Committee examined the fine points of the draft legislation, listened to  witnesses give their opinions on the bill (I should definitely blog about that process sometime soon – I’ve read some of the debates and lets just say they were HEATED!), and then considered it clause-by-clause study based on the testimony. Continue reading

Safe Food for Canadians Act Adopted by Senate

Quick update:  earlier this week the Safe Food for Canadians Act was adopted by the Senate.  According to this article, pill  Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Senator Donald Plett highlighted the Act and the importance of passing it expeditiously so the CFIA has more tools and resources to help keep Canadian food safe. Continue reading