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CFIA wants to hear from you!


Remember when we announced with great enthusiasm recent action in the Canadian food safety world?

Things are continuing to move forward, physician with the CFIA now soliciting comments on the the new regulations to be made under the Safe Food for Canadians Act.   As announced by the CFIA:   Continue reading

Action – Did Someone Say Action!?!

People, order we have action in the Canadian food safety world!

Last week the government announced that it is “taking action” to further strengthen the Canadian food safety system.  According to this announcement, the Safe Food for Canadians Act which was passed in November of last year will come into force at the beginning of 2015.  Over the next two years, the CFIA will work with consumer groups and industry to develop the regulations that are needed to support the Act. Continue reading

Safe Food for Canadians Act Passes!

On Tuesday night, viagra the Safe Food for Canadians Act passed through the House by a unanimous vote.  Hooray!  Next steps:  royal assent and the bill will become law.  Then the fun begins as the Government consults with industry officials to get Regulations in place to implement the Act.

Food Inspection in Canada gets a “Modernization” Makeover

As I let you all know here, patient in June of this year, more about the Federal Government tabled a new Bill that will overhaul the Canadian food safety system: the Safe Food for Canadians Act.  More recently, visit web on August 9th, the Government released a draft of an “improved” food inspection model. Continue reading

Stevia Eh – Canadians Will No Longer be Missing out on the Latest in Low-Sugar Foods!!


In my very first blog post, diagnosis I wrote about the sugar substitute stevia and questioned whether us Canadians would ever get access to the newest (and possibly tastiest) in low sugar foods.

At that time, nurse no company had yet convinced Health Canada that stevia is safe for use as a food additive. Continue reading

Improved Food Allergen Labelling – the Battle and the Reward

Below is my latest blog from the Huffington Post on the soon-to-be-required improved Canadian allergen labeling requirements.  Since posting it, I learned more about the advocacy that went into getting the amended labelling regulations implemented.

Huge kudos to the folks at Allergic Living Magazine, who I understand advocated mightily alongside Anaphylaxis Canada and the Canadian Celiac Association.  In addition to bringing the issue of allergen food labeling to the table, they spurred this letter-writing campaign, resulting in 5,000 Canadians writing directly to Stephen Harper to force action.  This is what Allergic Living’s Editor, Gwen Smith had to say about the frustratingly-long process, just days before the announcement that the new regulations would be passed (the two opening paragraphs made me laugh out loud!). Continue reading

The Safe Food for Canadians Act

It’s an exciting time for us food lawyers!  On June 7, prostate try 2012 the Federal Government tabled a new bill that will overhaul the Canadian food safety system.

The Safe Food for Canadians Act consolidates the food provisions of four statutes into one in an attempt to “modernize and simplify federal legislation and regulations that significantly affect food safety”. Continue reading

CFIA Standardization of Food Safety Practices

The CFIA just announced plans to standardize its inspection practices to keep up with the changing food safety landscape.   These plans are pursuant to the Government of Canada’s $100 million commitment to modernize the CFIA’s food inspection system.  According to a Draft Paper, what is ed one element of that modernization effort is the development of a single CFIA-wide food inspection program. Continue reading

Update: Proposed Amendments Aimed at Speeding Things Up

As I set out briefly in this earlier post, on April 26th the Government announced amendments to the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations which will allow for faster approval of new food additives and substantiated health claims.

At the time, I promised a more fulsome blog providing the details of the amendments; here it is.

The proposed amendments (presented in Bill C-38, amazingly titled “an Act to Implement Certain Provisions of the Budget Tabled in Parliament on March 29, 2012 and Other Measures – say that 5 times fast!) really break down to two things:  Marketing Authorizations (“MAs”) and Incorporation by Reference (“IbR”).  According to Health Canada, these tools will reduce delays, cut red tape and make the food regulatory system more efficient and flexible.  Hallelujah!! Continue reading

Government to Amend Food Regulations – hip hip hooray!

The government announced today it will be updating the Canadian food regulations to allow for quicker approval of new health claims and food additives:  Wowzers!!  In theory, this can only be seen as a major step in the right direction.  According to our Health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq, “our new approach will allow more timely approvals of safe, innovative products, while still protecting the health and safety of Canadians“. Continue reading