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Stevia Eh – Canadians Will No Longer be Missing out on the Latest in Low-Sugar Foods!!


In my very first blog post, diagnosis I wrote about the sugar substitute stevia and questioned whether us Canadians would ever get access to the newest (and possibly tastiest) in low sugar foods.

At that time, nurse no company had yet convinced Health Canada that stevia is safe for use as a food additive. Continue reading

Food vs. NHP – Health Canada Just Threw Down the Gauntlet

This just in – Health Canada cracks down on foods marketed as natural health products.

Health Canada has stopped accepting natural health product (NHP) applications for food products and will require manufacturers to revise labels and/or reformulate existing food products approved pursuant to the NHP regulatory regime.

For years, companies have submitted food-like products for approval under the (arguably more lenient) NHP Regulations.  Now, all food-like products will need to be regulated as foods, including compliance with the relevant labelling requirements for nutrition, allergen and ingredient information. Continue reading

Stevia Eh – Why are Canadians Missing out on the Latest in Low-Sugar Foods?

Stevia, health the controversial sugar substitute once again made headlines when it was recently approved for use as a sweetener in a range of foods and beverages in the EU.  The EU agency’s recent decision approving stevia means that, this as of December 2, viagra 2011, food and beverage manufacturers in the EU can use this zero calorie, sweetening powerhouse in foods and beverages.  This is something they’ve been able to do in the US since 2008 when FDA first determined that stevia was GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) for use as a sweetener in foods and beverages. Continue reading